Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown

5197b06c897c6.imageI got this book via Netgalley and while it’s not really aimed at me – I should know how to be an adult by now, right? – I did actually find some of it really useful. Plus it’s funny.

I really really wish I’d had it when I was in my late teens/early 20s. I was always looking for books that would help me know how to be a more together person, but those I found weren’t really practical. (Although since the only one I can remember reading was this one, I’m not surprised they weren’t all that useful to me.) If I’d read it then – and actually paid attention to it – I’m pretty sure it would have prevented quite a lot of mistakes.

In fact, it should probably be issued to all students in that tacky bag they give you on your first day at uni (in mine: one cigarette, disposable lighter, condom, packet of crisps, voucher for free bread and baked beans from Tesco).

At least now I’ve got a list of stuff I should keep in the boot of my car for emergencies. Now I just have to buy it all. And put it in the boot of my car…

Ooh! I’ve just discovered there’s a blog too.