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GDFD_lCooking with the boys was something I wanted to do more of since Harry finished school, but Harry’s never actually been particularly interested. Joe, however, is a big baking fan, so I’m always looking for new, easy (I’m not very good) (also, I’m lazy) recipes.

So when I was contacted by a PR for BBC Good Food magazine offering me a free mag in return for posting about cooking with kids, I couldn’t possibly refuse. (I would pretty much never turn down a free magazine. I love magazines.)

I don’t think I’ve ever bought Good Food mag before, but I was impressed – there were some really interesting-sounding recipes that looked easy enough for me to manage. The one that jumped out was Blueberry & Pretzel Cookies. They have that sweet/salty thing going on. I love that.

Joe. Doing the egg.

So I bought all the ingredients and told the boys to meet me in the kitchen. Joe came, saying, “Can I do the egg? MAMA?! CAN I DO THE EGG?!” and then Harry came too. Harry read the ingredients out and helped with the weighing. Joe did a bit of weighing too, between yet more “IS IT TIME FOR THE EGG? HARRY! YOU’RE NOT DOING THE EGG! I’M DOING THE EGG!”

Once the dough was ready, but before I’d added the pretzels and blueberries, the boys wanted to try some. Of course they did. Joe tried some. Harry tried some. I tried some. And then, I’m not going to lie, we all ate quite a lot more. I considered abandoning the recipe and just eating the dough. Harry said, “Next time we make this, we should just not cook it.” Joe said, “CAN I HAVE JUST A LITTLE TINY BIT MORE?”

Finally, I chased the children out of the kitchen and put the cookies in the oven. There was a huge amount of mix (even after we’d finished with it), so I decided just to make six cookies and put the rest of the mixture in the freezer. They only took 15 or so minutes to cook (and then 10 to cool – “CAN WE EAT THE COOKIES NOW, MAMA?!”).


They were delicious. One of them had too many blueberries and so was a bit soggy and jammy, but I liked that one even more. (And maybe it would’ve been ok if we’d left them a bit longer?) We’ll definitely make them again.

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6 thoughts on “Cookies with kids

  1. [Disclaimer: my employer has done some work with BBC Good Food]

    OMG these sound amazing. I love sweet-salty things. I’m slightly obsessed with getting the little crunchy hard pretzels and eating them with bananas. Not that I’m a carb addict, or anything…

    1. Is there a Lidl near you? Ours has a bakery and they make proper New York-style pretzels. You know, the bread ones? They’re amazing.

  2. Deb bought me a subscription to Good Food magazine for Christmas a couple of years ago (I only ever bought the Christmas issue in the past). Its great, like it so much she go it me again this year. Both boys like cooking, well Ethan likes mixing, stirring and putting things in pans and getting generally messy. Nat really took to it, his toad in the hole is exceptional, his cheese sauce isn’t to far behind either. Just because I love cooking doesn’t mean the boys had too, but because they see me cook all the time, I think its natural they have followed. We have said they both have to learn to cook the basics, just so we know they don’t have to live on takeaways & pot noodles once they leave home.

    1. I love that they’re interested and it probably is because David does almost all the cooking. But then I get annoyed when grown men can’t cook, so I’m definitely going to keep cooking with them. 🙂

  3. This put me in mind of the story you told about the time you came upon some mincemeat cooking when you were younger . . . baking is such a lovely thing to do together. . . wish I’d had the patience – thank goodness my Mum did, for both me and her grand-daughter. Lovely, lasting memories…

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