Feminism Friday: Are you ready to be strong?

Not long ago, I saw a tweet that said something like “Discovering feminism is like pressing ‘reveal codes’ on a Word document.” Yes. Absolutely yes. Someone else compared it to The Matrix, but I can’t remember anything about The Matrix so I don’t know how useful that is.

Last year I read this wonderful blog post by Stella Duffy. It’s about coming out and this bit really stuck with me

If everyone who has ever had a homosexual love, desire, or experience came out right now, the world would change overnight. We could stop being interesting or different or special because we’re gay, and get on with just being.

And then last week, I read this article by Anna Ford about how to get more older women on TV. But it’s not just about that. It’s about sexism and feminism and the patriarchy and has actual suggestions for what can be done to change things.

Finally, I watched the last episode of Buffy. It was (like the rest of the series) completely brilliant, but this bit made me well up and also it made my stomach bubble with excitement. (If, like me, you’re years behind on Buffy, you probably shouldn’t watch a clip from the final episode.)

If we all stand up. If we all call out sexism when we see it. If we all complain to companies who insist on stereotyping both boys and girls. If we all report harassment. If we all say ‘Enough’. Then things will change. They will. They must.

Together, we can slay the patriarchy.*

*It pained me to write that, but I did it anyway. I’m sorry.

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