A trailer for a film I’m never going to watch

Last week, we went to the cinema to see The Heat and one of the trailers was for a film called 2 Guns.

A couple of minutes into the trailer I said, as I am wont to do these days, “Are there any women in this film?”* Immediately after I asked, a female character appeared, shown from behind, naked but for knickers (you know the shot, we’ve seen it so many times), getting into bed with Denzel Washington’s character. She turns up again later, for a second, tied-up and gagged as the baddie (I assume) asks Denzel “Have I properly incentivised you?”

Having watched the trailer again, it seems that the female character, played by Paula Patton, is a police officer, but the point of her in the trailer at least is as the love interest whose kidnapping is motivation for a male character.

* Paula Patton’s character had appeared briefly already, but the cast was overwhelmingly male. I subsequently looked it up on IMDb and, of the ‘first billed’ cast of fifteen characters, Paula Patton’s character is the only woman. (Mildly interesting side note: Paula Patton is married to Robin Thicke.) In case you’re thinking “Ah, but you went to see The Heat – that has two women in the main roles and 2 Guns has two men, what’s your problem?” Well the Top 15 billed cast on IMDb for The Heat is made up of three women and twelve men.

Oh and Denzel Washington is 58 and Paula Patton is 37, but we already knew that leading men age, but their love interests don’t, didn’t we?