Perfect day


For a while we’ve been saying we wanted to go somewhere to watch the sunset and we always want to go to the beach, so yesterday we headed over to St Annes.

We left late to, we hoped, avoid the Bank Holiday crowds and I made pizza (in the breadmaker my sister loaned me) to take with us. We got there about 4 and it was still really busy, so we parked much further along than we usually do and clambered over the sand dunes to the beach.

IMG_0296 IMG_0286

The boys immediately found two girls to play with and I settled down with my book. After an hour or so, Joe wanted to go down to the water and even though the tide was pretty far out, we headed off. It ended up being one of my favourite moments ever.


Not only did it look beautiful, Joe was so excited to be in the water and he just threw himself in. In fact, I had to yell at him to come back to me more than once (“No, Mama! You come HERE!”)

IMG_0326 1004678_10151860478975972_1397928648_n

We ate the pizza and I drank a glass of wine and then we went “adventuring” with the boys, which mainly meant running up and down in the dunes while Joe waved a piece of driftwood like a sword.


We watched the sun set and then tried to convince Joe to leave. He was, by this point, naked, totally encrusted with sand, and practically feral, so it took some doing, but we managed it in the end (by promising we’ll go back next week).

It was one of those days I know I’ll always remember. Just perfect.


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