Trying Gousto

imagesI wasn’t paid for this review – I signed up to a Gousto trial (50%) off and paid for it myself. I’m writing about it cos I thought it was ace.

I went for the Couples Box because the family box was a bit too spendy and I figured the portions would be big enough that they could share with us. You choose three meals and I picked Vietnamese Chicken and Lime Noodle Salad with Fresh Herbs, Stir-Fried British Rump Steak with Beans & Peppers and Thai Red Tofu Curry with Juicy Grapes & Crunchy Red Pepper. I wanted to choose something a bit different and things I wouldn’t necessarily cook at home. (When I do cook, that is. David does most of the cooking.)

When the box was delivered and I put all the food in the fridge, I wasn’t sure there’d be enough for the four of us – the portions seemed rather small, but it was just an experiment so I wasn’t unduly worried (the boys would probably prefer Cheerios anyway).

I wasn’t sure which meal to make first, but the recipe cards helpfully state when they should be eaten by, which was really handy. I went for the Vietnamese Chicken first, mainly because I fancied it the most. The recipe was extremely easy. There were a LOT of noodles so I think I only used about half (but the recipe does actually say you can save some for another meal) and it was delicious, much better than if I’d put it together myself, because I probably would have missed out some ingredients, etc. (Oh and it was the first time I’ve ever used a real chilli. I know.)

The Tofu Curry was meant to be next, but David didn’t fancy it so I went for the Stir-Fried Steak. Again, it was ridiculously easy and utterly delicious, although the steak was a little chewy (probably a fault of the cook rather than the recipe).

Finally, I made the Tofu Curry just for me – David decided it wasn’t his thing. I was stingy with the red curry paste cos I was worried it would be just too spicy, and I’d accidentally used the soy sauce in the Vietnamese Chicken. Oh and someone – *looks at small curly child* – had eaten the grapes. But it was still really good and there was enough for me to have some for my lunch the next day.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be buying boxes regularly because they’re just that bit too expensive, but they’re certainly a fantastic alternative to takeaways or eating out. So if we know we have a particularly busy week coming up, I’ll certainly order one.

Oh and Joe has put the box to very good use. First he had me cut one side out so it could be a TV. Then it was a “doghouse”. Next time I saw it, it was Abigirl’s bed


And finally it became a chair for crafting. (Joe is cutting and sticking the Tofu Curry recipe card.)


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