Questions (or How do children learn if they don’t go to school?)


Earlier this week, I read this about how mothers are asked 300 questions a day by their children and so I thought I’d keep a note of some of the questions the boys ask me. Sort of a companion to the wordles I did a while ago (Joe’s and Harry’s).

These were all from a couple of hours on Tuesday morning and are only the ones I managed to record, I missed plenty more.

Do the guineas need pet insurance?
What’s head lice?
Was that man French?
Was Marks and Spencer real people?
Why do scratches instantly pop up?
Can a teddy put up a fight?
Why does the smoke smell like coffee?
What’s that baby called? Does she like ducks?
Why is there a break in TV shows?
How do you remember everything that you got teached?
How do you remember everything you know now?
Who is the voice for Daddy Pig? And Peppa? And George?
Why is it called the pound shop?
Why has that tree got one dead leaf?
There’s a bit of blood on my hand… why’s it gone hard?
Why’s aliens always have those heads on?
Could NASA do research of if there’s aliens?
You know knights kill aliens? (Harry: Maybe that’s what happened to the aliens!)
Why’s it called tap dancing?
Do boobies trump?
Why are bees going to go extinct?
What does reject mean?
Do cars need electricity?
Is this where polices go when they need their coffee break and breakfast?
Does movies have people jumping off skeletons?

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