Not back to school

IMG_0158So today would have been Joe’s first day at school… if he was going. I hadn’t really thought much about it – it’s ages since we decided not to send him – but then Harry mentioned it and we got a bit sentimental and had to stop and squeeze Joe.

Harry said, “When I was still at school, I was really looking forward to this day!”

We talked for a bit about what it would have been like, the two of them at school together. I said it would have been nice for them to play together at break, but I imagine it would have been hard for them to say goodbye and go to separate classes afterwards.

Harry said, “Oh, I just imagined someone coming to take me to his class to calm him down cos he was crying so much!”

He would have looked really cute in his uniform though…

Today also marks the second official year of home educating, i.e. Harry didn’t go back last September, and I can honestly say we’ve never regretted the decision for a second.

(If you’re interested in our home ed adventure, you can read all about it on my other blog Happy Home Ed.)


4 thoughts on “Not back to school

  1. He would have looked so cute in his uniform! But your decision seems to have been right for Harry so I should imagine Joe will continue to thrive too. Happy not back to school day!! xx

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