Writers’ questions for David Levithan – what would you ask?

twoboysThanks to Jo at Egmont and the ever-lovely Sophie Waters, I’ve been given the opportunity to interview the amazing author David Levithan (via email, but I think I would have been too nervous to meet him anyway).

Because as a writer I’m totally in awe of him (the question that immediately sprung to my mind was “How are you so brilliant?!”), I thought other writers may do the hard work for me have questions they’d like to ask.

So. If you’re a writer and a David Levithan reader, please ask your burning question and I’ll pass it on to him (I’ll include your name, I’m not going to pretend I came up with the questions myself, honest). In the comments to this post, on Twitter or Facebook is fine and I need the questions by next Friday (20th September), please.

I’ll send a copy of David’s latest book Two Boys Kissing (not yet published in the UK) to whoever comes up with my favourite question.

[I haven’t forgotten Feminism Fridays, I’ve just got a lot on atm. Will be back soon with a feminism recommended reading list, so if you’ve any feminist non-fiction books you think are a must-read, please let me know.]

7 thoughts on “Writers’ questions for David Levithan – what would you ask?

  1. I love his books! The question I’d ask is: “Do you have any advice for writers on building a long-term career?” Or, if that’s too self-serving, I’d ask instead: “Who are your own favorite writers?”

    1. Thanks, Steph (and thanks for being the first to ask a question, welp!). Love both questions and I love his books too. Have you read Every Day yet?

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