Come and ring my Mightybell

That sounds smutty, I know. (Well it does to me. Maybe it’s just me.)

But, no, Mightybell is a really cool site for online communities and it’s  where I now run my online courses from. Look, it’s pretty…



… and it’s v user-friendly too.

Writing for Teenagers is a 6-week course and starts again 6 October. Beyond the First Draft is a 4-week course and starts 1 November. I’ve run them both before and nice people have said nice things. Look!

Writing for Teenagers

“So inspiring and informative! I found the whole approach a brilliant way in to talking about the issues surrounding writing and editing YA.” Harriet Reuter Hapgood

“The course for me was well rounded and packed with enough information/guidelines for the novice writer to put together a jolly good book. It’s the best fifty quid I’ve spent in a long time.” Paula Smith

“I loved the course. It was supportive, inspiring and helpful. It’s given me more confidence and enthusiasm to keep going.” Lesley Taylor

Beyond the First Draft

“There are so many courses out there that it’s difficult to know which one to choose. I really wanted help with editing and I found Keris’s course to be exactly what I wanted. It was packed with the sort of information that sometimes I’ve been afraid to ask about or simply hadn’t thought of. It was accessible, friendly and so ridiculously useful that I urge you to do it! I’ve learnt things that will be forever relevant. It’s a healthy dose of blunt advice and guidance that has steered me though the nightmare that can be editing, querying and synopsis writing. So glad I took part.” Sarah Bryers

Each course costs £50, payable via Paypal. If you would like any more information, email me