Week in Whitby


We went to Whitby for a week last year and absolutely loved it, so we were very excited to go back, particularly since we found a fantastic cottage in one of the old yards off Church Street.


This was our view. The house was through a narrow arch between two Church Street shops and up about twenty steps. Once you go through the arch it’s really quiet. One of my favourite things about the holiday was coming back down through the quiet and then stepping out onto a busy and vibrant street. So cool.

The boys, however, were all about the beach.




WP_20130928_043 (1)



4 thoughts on “Week in Whitby

  1. Only been to Whitby once, for a holiday 18 years ago. My husband proposed on the pier there so it’s a special place. Love your photos … they make me want to go back.

    1. Ooh, just realised I forgot to add the sunset photo I took from the pier – will add it now. It really is a special place – fabulous atmosphere. Last year we were there just before the Goth Weekend and it was brilliant. So much steampunk!

  2. Your photos are amazing. Looks like a fab holiday. I’ve never been but you’ve made me want to really go 🙂

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