New book! As Delightful As a Carrot


Told Harry off for being cheeky and he said, “Don’t worry. Tomorrow I will be as delightful as a carrot!”

Over the past few years, lots of people have told me I should publish a book of all the funny (and mad) things my two boys say. Well I’ve only gone and done it. (So if you said it, but didn’t really mean it, you’ll be looking a bit shifty right now.)

It’s called As Delightful As a Carrot: How My Boys See the World and it’s available from Amazon for the bargain (and a bit odd, thanks to VAT) price of £1.02. (It’s available on lots of international Amazon sites too, not just UK.)

There’s also a blog where you can find more quotes, photos and videos.

I really hope you like it.


6 thoughts on “New book! As Delightful As a Carrot

  1. Yay! Congratulations, Keris, and well done! I love the cover and the tag line, although I still like ‘and other words of wisdom’ 😉 Off to click ‘buy’… If I don’t get any work done today, I’m blaming you!

    1. I think if I’d put wisdom, I could be sued under the Trades Descriptions Act 🙂 Thank you for buying it! Hope you enjoy it. xx

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