Introducing Esme Taylor

All I Want for Christmas Esme TaylorYesterday, I was slightly taken by surprise when this book, which I didn’t think was being published until next week, became available on Amazon. It’s a romantic Christmas novella by Esme Taylor. Here’s what you need to know about Esme:

Esme Taylor spends her days dreaming about romantic scenarios (lately involving Benedict Cumberbatch, but subject to change) and is thrilled to have the opportunity to write them down. She’s been writing fiction since she was a teen (romantic scenarios featuring George Michael), but didn’t finish a novel until 2004 (romantic scenario featuring a thinly-disguised Matt Damon). She lives in Lancashire with her husband (looks a bit like Christopher Eccleston) and two children and is the author of three YA novels under her own name, Keris Stainton.

And here’s a little bit about the book:

25% Christmas 50% romance 25% sexual content

A saucy Christmas novella to heat up your winter nights!

Ella is dreading Christmas. She vowed to change her life this year, and although breaking up with her boring boyfriend was the first step, she’s been too scared to take the next, and her life has become small.

But then, when working at a Christmas party, Ella meets Joe. The attraction is instant and convenient: neither is interested in more than a fling. While Ella’s been stuck, Joe’s been running. He’s been travelling for a year and has no plans to stop, but he’s home to spend Christmas with his huge, loud family. His father wants him to stay and join the family business, but Joe’s not yet ready for that kind of commitment and isn’t sure he’ll ever be. But as the snow and the presents pile up – and Ella and Joe’s clothes come off – Ella realises she needs to start living again. And that maybe all she wants for Christmas is Joe…

You can read an excerpt here.

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