Feminism Friday: Joss Whedon on the word ‘feminist’

I know, I know, I keep posting videos instead of, you know, writing stuff. But in my defence, a) there are some fantastic videos doing the rounds lately, videos I think everyone should watch, and b) I’m really busy. Sorry.

You should also read the post about the above video on Jezebel. My favourite bits from the Jezebel post:

You can of course say you’re not a feminist! You can say you’re not a feminist because you don’t like the movement and how it’s been isolating to women of color, or because you think women shouldn’t have to be asked if they are feminists. But don’t say you’re not a feminist because of things that are inherently not true about what word means…

Don’t imply that the word itself means women who don’t like men. Don’t say you don’t need it. Don’t say we’re past it. Don’t just say you don’t like labels. It breeds further miseducation about our shared history. And remembering where we came from, the intolerance we live with and that has come before us, is the part that matters. When you say, “I’m not a feminist,” and then rattle off a reasoning that is merely spitting out the groupthink understanding of what the word means, you’re letting yourself down and you’re letting others down.

{via Sarra Manning on Twitter}

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