New book news!

I have been sitting on this news for SO LONG!

I am so excited to be working with Catnip and particularly excited to be writing a series. And, yes, I probably should have spent more time today actually writing and less time looking for Snoopy dance gifs, but, you know, woo-hoo!

Catnip Books has acquired World rights excluding US for a series for 11-14 year olds called REEL FRIENDS by  Keris Stainton, author of Della Says OMG and the popular ‘Hearts’ series, from Hannah Sheppard of the DHH Literary Agency.

The series centres on a group of three friends who enter a film-making competition, with each book focusing on a different girl’s life, including first relationships, family life and friends. The first book in the series will be Starring Kitty, which Keris has been writing as part of NaNoWriMo and will focus on Kitty as she works out how she feels about another girl.

Liz Bankes at Catnip says, “We are thrilled to be working with Keris on this series, which has the heart, humour and light touch that reminds me of stories I used to love reading in teen magazines. With this book, we saw a refreshing opportunity to create a fun series for young readers that represents more than just the girl-boy romances that are typically marketed to this age group.”

The first book will be published in June 2014, with a second to follow in October. Keris was one of the driving forces behind the recent Authors for Philippines auction website where authors’ donations helped raise more than £55,000 for the Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal.


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  1. Hi again, I am catching up on a monthly of Feedly reader posts so only just saw about the auction and Esme Taylor! Mega congrats again! Have just downloaded All I Want 🙂

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