100 good things that have happened in my life

I’m having one of my quarterly clear-outs and being even stricter this time, since we’re hoping to move house this year. I just found this list in a notebook and thought I’d post it here for posterity (mine).

Since I mention getting pregnant and seeing the scan, but not, you know, having a baby, I assume I wrote this while I was pregnant which a) explains some of the odd choices – I was in a total dreamland when preggers; and b) means it was written about 10 years ago.

There are quite a few things on here I’d forgotten all about and one (sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge) I don’t remember at all, but I’m glad I found it. Now to chuck out the rest of the half-completed notebooks (so many notebooks).

1. Meeting David
2. Being best friends with my mum.
3. Being best friends with my sister.
4. Jake.
5. Toby.
6. Moving to London.
7. Travelling around America.
8. Getting pregnant.
9. Seeing the scan.
10. Seeing Christopher Eccleston in Manchester.
11. Seeing The Darkness live.
12. Discovering Barry Manilow.
13. Discovering Armistead Maupin.
14. Finding the real Barbary Lane.
15. My friendships with Susan, Sarah and Byron.
16. Going to university.
17. Meeting my friends.
18. Working at Waterstones.
19. Meeting authors.
20. My grandparents.
21. Eating shrimp butties.
22. San Luis Obispo.
23. Discovering O Magazine.
24. The Wish List.
25. Whitby.
26. Barcelona.
27. Malta.
28. Samos.
29. Standing on top of the World Trade Centre.
30. Watching the sunset in Seattle.
31. When Harry Met Sally.
32. reading Bread Alone all the way through when I was ill.
33. The lovely Christmas at Jo and Andy’s.
34. Waking up on Christmas morning and feeling with my feet if Santa had been.
35. Hearing the bells and getting a kiss from “Santa.”
36. American TV: Friends, ER, The West Wing, Six Feet Under.
37. The email from Dad when we were in America.
38. Horse drawn buggy in Central Park.
39. My wedding.
40. Seeing the rabbits on the Red Noses.
41. Eating pizza in Piran.
42. Being published in Smash Hits.
43. Working for Bob Geldof and Paula Yates.
44. Feeding ducks.
45. Meeting Gemma (dog).
46. Being librarian at primary school.
47. The view from the balcony in Piran.
48. The Red House Hotel in Bath.
49. And the curry.
50. Getting a first for a university essay.
51. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.
52. The Chuckle Club.
53. Euro 96 at Finchley.
54. Mrs C (at Finchley).
55. Eating crepes in Paris.
56. Sunday lunches at Ealing.
57. The Booths.
58. Charlie and Lucinda.
59. The ‘Drunk’ episode of Men Behaving Badly.
60. Driving through the mountains in Majorca.
61. Reading In Her Shoes with a latte and a Danish in the Royal Exchange Arcade.
62. Seeing Barry Manilow at the Royal Albert Hall.
63. Having a song dedicated to me at Don’s gig.
64. Getting a thank you on Bjorn Again’s LP.
65. Working backstage at the Floral Pavilion.
66. Watching Bros from side stage in Trojes.
67. Reading Mallory Towers.
68. Walking from Euston to Lancaster Gate and looking at the paintings on Bayswater Rd.
69. Getting the train across America.
70. Seeing the Grand Canyon.
71. Sunday night baths.
72. Martha Beck.
73. Watching the dancing on the pier in Chicago.
74. Seeing Blackburn Rovers win the Premiership.
75. Seeing Janet Evanovich at St Ann’s Church.
76. Lying on the beach at Brighton, shielding out the light.
77. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.
78. Venice – the view from the bridge.
79. Climbing trees with Angela.
80. Lying in the long grass on Hilbre Island.
81. Winning Bits & Pieces at the Radio One Roadshow.
82. The Lake District with D.
83. Attending the premiere of Interview With the Vampire and sitting in front of Tom Cruise.
84. Peter Cox walking me home.
85. Seeing Edie Falco and Stanley Tucci on Broadway.
86. The Roosevelt Island tramway.
87. Running the Race for Life.
88. Nipper.
89. Walking down Hollywood Boulevard and putting my hands in the handprints.
90. The Natural History Museum.
91. Matt singing Face the Wind at Bury.
92. Writing my blog.
93. Join Me.
94. The Amalfi Drive.
95. Red wine.
96. Stevie Wonder live.
97. Watching Il Postino and Cinema Paradiso at the Phoenix.
98. Drinking orange juice in Symi.
99. Uni leaving do at The Life Cafe.
100. Hot chocolate and churros for breakfast in Barcelona.