New book! Baby, One More Time – OUT NOW!

Baby One More Time

I have a new Esme Taylor novella out with Hot Key Unlocked. It’s called Baby, One More Time, it’s set in New York and features a flight, a hotel room, lots of food and some sexytimes (so it’s not suitable for younger readers).

I’ve had the basic premise in my mind for a LONG time (maybe ten years?) so I was thrilled to finally write it and it was the most fun to write. I don’t think I did any angsty I can’t do it! whining at all! And I’m always happy to wander New York (on Google Maps rather than in reality, sadly) for research. Plus I’ve nicked the details of a hotel I’ve been desperate to visit for years. How’s this for a hotel room?


(The room is in The Hotel on Rivington, but I’ve never been there so everything else is made up.)

I hope you read it, I hope you love it and I hope you fancy Nick as much as I do (is that weird?).

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