“And when he finished, he called her over” – Ma Cacabane review

No, he likes it. Really.

I must admit I first requested the Ma Cacabane because I thought it was funny and the name made me laugh. Also, Joe loves making little dens and hideouts and I thought he’d like it. I didn’t really think he’d use it for pooing in – he shouldn’t really still be using a potty anyway, but he’s scared of the toilet.

Joe loved it straight away and made me build it as soon as it arrived. It was really easy to put together and did look very cute. Joe took his potty in and settled down…


We started calling it the poo cabana and, inevitably, I started singing “poo cabana” to the tune of Copacabana. (“Where’s Joe?” “In the poo poo, poo poo cabana…”) And, yes, Joe did indeed enjoy taking his potty in there. For privacy. Sometimes he took the iPad too…

But it wasn’t just a poo cabana. It’s been a gallery – he drew in the frames on the walls – a TARDIS, a spaceship, a shop and, as I suspected, just a general hideout. He absolutely loves it and even though he bashed it up in temper and I had to repair it with masking tape, I imagine it’ll be a fixture in our living room for a good while yet.

The Ma Cacabane from Triitme was provided by a PR company in return for an honest review.