Throwback Thursday: A room with a view


You know how some photos instantly take you back? I look at these two photos and I am there.

“There” was the attic of my in-laws’ house. Harry was a baby and I was back at work – two days in the office, two days at home. I worked at the in-laws’ while my mother-in-law looked after Harry. If I’m honest, I didn’t do an enormous amount of work. I started the day watching Gilmore Girls on the Hallmark Channel with a bowl of muesli (the Gilmore Girls theme and muesli both take me right back) and then I would spend quite a lot of the day trying to write, blogging or farting around on Blog Explosion (remember that?) (Hi, Stella, Jon, Andrea!).

That attic is where I realised I really really didn’t want to work in accountancy anymore. And where I fell in love with working by myself and for myself. (And Gilmore Girls.) And the view was pretty nice too.


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