Throwback Thursday: Majorca

No, it’s not even that far back. Less than two years ago. But I honestly think about this holiday every single day.


Partly it’s because I took some of my favourite photos of the children and we have a bunch of them framed around the house.

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Partly because the boys talk about it a lot. Swimming in the sea, eating watermelon on the beach, going out on the sailing boat at sunset. And the slide in the hotel swimming pool.


7621979664_124a522bb3_b-1For me, I admit, it’s mostly about the pizza and the wine. The pizza place was directly on the beach. Pizza, wine, sun, sand and water as warm as a bath. Bliss.

Of course, I also remember how much Joe whined and how I had to fight both boys to put suncream on them and how – and I know I shouldn’t complain about this – it was often just too damn hot.

But we all still sigh when we talk about it and we really, really want to go back.

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