The camera never lies…

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve started the day by sitting in the garden with a cup of tea and a book. On Friday morning, I noticed the back door was looking pretty, the sun shining on it through the hedge. So I got up and took a photo.


As I stepped tentatively back across the lawn, looking out for both cat and dog poo (we have neither cat nor dog), I was thinking about how we really need to get the sink pipe fixed (it broke off a while ago and empties into a bucket) and find a better way to keep next door’s dog (he of the poo) out of the garden than just sundry bits of crap piled up against the hedge…

And then I thought about how if I posted the photo I’d just taken to Facebook or Twitter, I’d be completely misrepresenting myself/my garden/my life. So I took another photo.


No, I didn’t take one of the bucket (or the poo) cos that’s just too disgusting. And the lawn doesn’t extend all the way to the hedge – there’s actually a two foot+  path between them, but you can’t see it because it’s covered with weeds and hedge clippings (yes, the hedge has been clipped – I know it doesn’t much look like it).

Also, after I took the first photo, I banged my head on that peg basket.