A sunny day in a St Annes beach hut

I’ve always loved the idea of a beach hut. My boys definitely do like to be beside the seaside – and I do too (so much that we’re planning to move there) – but sand in the sandwiches and getting changed out of wet clothes under a towel that’s flapping in the wind… Well, it’s not ideal. Beach huts seem so much more civilised.


Even though we go to St Annes a lot (and Della Says: OMG! is partially set there), I had no idea about St Annes Beach Huts until I saw them on Twitter. Straight away, I said that’s what I wanted to do for my birthday. My only worry was that my birthday might be rainy and obviously a beach hut is better in the sun. But then last Saturday the sun was shining, we were planning a trip to the seaside anyway, and then I noticed that the owner, Stuart, had some availability. So I emailed and asked if we could come straight down and he said yes.


We got there just after lunch and fell in love immediately. It was an utterly glorious day and the hut is decorated beautifully and comfortably with a pile of cushions on the sofa, a swivelling table, a fridge, kettle and lights. We got out a couple of chairs, unpacked the picnic, and settled in for the afternoon.



WP_20140517_142 WP_20140517_029



Within an hour or so most of the other beach huts were occupied and there was a great atmosphere. Harry and Joe played on the beach with the children from next door and I earwigged on a fascinating conversation (about a potentially exploding eye) from the other side. David did say that he felt a bit like we were in a zoo – everyone walking past looked at us! – but that didn’t bother me (cos I had a book… and a glass of wine).

WP_20140517_070 WP_20140517_074

Once we’d been for a long walk across the beach and the weather had started to cool, David went for fish and chips and we closed the doors, making the hut completely private. (Particularly when the boys insisted we also close the blinds “to see how dark it is”.)


We’d planned to stay and watch the sunset, but it clouded over, so we packed up slightly earlier than planned. Apart from Joe who stayed on the beach until the bitter end.


It was an absolutely glorious day and we’ll definitely book a beach hut in the future. Fingers crossed for a nice hot summer!


Stuart of St Annes Beach Huts provided us with a complimentary day’s rental in return for an honest review. Thanks, Stuart!