Some exciting news

I’m happy and proud to announce that I’ve been awarded a Grant for the Arts by Arts Council England. The purpose of the grant is to support me in writing my next novel, All Together Now (due out next year), which is, of course, completely brilliant (the support, not the novel) (that’s only ok so far) (although I am really enjoying writing it), but I’m also thrilled to feel like my writing is worth supporting.

I first heard about Arts Council grants about ten years ago when I was first starting to really take my writing seriously. I looked at the form with its questions about ‘artistic development’ and who will ‘benefit’ from your ‘art’ and went “Pfft, god, I don’t know” and decided it was not for me, it was for Proper Artists. So applying was a pretty big step and I really didn’t think I’d be accepted. I sobbed my head off when I got the letter.

So thank you Arts Council England and thank you to lovely Zoe Marriott for all her help and encouragement.


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