Go for it, dude

Because we’re hoping to move house (*crosses fingers*) I’ve started having a clear-out. And this includes books. Yes, I know. There are so many that we don’t read much anymore, but that I’ve been keeping for sentimental reasons (and not just me – David’s rescued quite a few from the charity bag!) and I needed to find a way to remember them without actually keeping them.

This one is Time To Pee by Mo Willems. Harry loved it, Joe wasn’t so fussed, but this page below absolutely killed Harry. The first time I read ‘Go for it, dude’ on the mouse’s sign, Harry laughed and laughed and laughed. He went bright red in the face, gasped for breath, tears streaming. He said, “Read it again!” And I did, over and over until we were both helpless.

(It barely raised a smile in Joe. Weird.)

Scanned Image 48 Scanned Image 49

Mariella Mystery Investigates: The Ghostly Guinea Pig by Kate Pankhurst

Mariella MysteryHarry’s guinea pig obsession continues and so he was very keen for us to read this story. It’s  cute and funny with hilarious illustrations (and one scary one, according to Harry), plus H got so involved in the story that he actually went to the end and read the last few pages to make sure it would all be ok. He’s never done that before.

I asked Harry why he liked it and he said “because it had ghostly guinea pigs”. But it can’t just be that because he’s asked to read the next book in the series, A Cupcake Conundrum, too. (As well as more Olga Da Polga – he just can’t get enough of guineas.)

Thanks so much to Nina at Orion for sending us both books.

I Heart Bedtime by Clara Vulliamy

i-heart-bedtimeJoe and I loved the first Martha and the Bunny Brothers book, I Heart School, so I was thrilled to receive this one from the publisher for review. When I showed Joe, he said, “I got a card from her!” He did, for his birthday in January; I was so pleased he remembered.

We both loved this book just as much as the first (I think I actually like it even more). Clara is so brilliant at capturing all the cute and weird things little children (or bunnies) get up to. Like one of Martha’s bunny brothers insisting on cleaning his teeth with a cardboard box on his head…

Like the first book, this one is great fun to read (so important with picture books you end up reading over and over) and I love the message of siblings loving and taking care of each other.

Read the lovely interview I did with Clara

Book review: 40 Uses for a Grandpa by Harriet Ziefert

UnknownWe were sent this book while we were doing Harry Reads to Joe, but didn’t have a chance to read it then (because people were so lovely, we reached the target before we thought we would), but we’ve read it a few times since and really love it.

There’s no story, it’s literally just a list of things that Grandpas are good for, but the illustrations (by Amanda Haley) are so lovely and really bring the book to life.

Joe loves repeating the ‘uses’ after me – e.g. ‘play date’ ‘nurse’ ‘pet minder’ – and it’s good because there are plenty of words he hasn’t heard/used before (‘mediator’ ‘oarsman’ ‘opponent’) and so we get to talk about the meanings as well as discussing whether his ‘Grandpa’ would be up for any of these activities.

Thanks so much to Mat from PGUK for sending it to us.

Theo at the Park by Jaclyn Crupi

51spZFpcbTL._SL500_AA300_When I was offered the opportunity to review a scented book, I jumped at it. I remember some sort of ‘Smell-o-vision’ thing when I was a kid (did the card come with the TV Times?) and I loved the idea, so I thought Harry and Joe probably would too.

Theo wakes up to find he’s lost his sense of smell, so he wanders around sniffing things – honey, a rose bush, strawberry ice cream – that he hopes will bring it back.

Both boys were fascinated by this book (even though it’s aimed at much younger readers than Harry, obviously) presumably because they’ve never come across anything like it before. The story is slight, serving mostly as a vehicle for the sniffing, but that was fine with Harry and Joe since they both just wanted to skip ahead to smelling stuff. I was a bit disappointed that – spoiler alert! – Theo’s problem isn’t resolved at the end of the book, but the boys didn’t seem bothered, so maybe that’s just me.

Thank you to Anne at Autumn Publishing for sending it to us.