New York always makes things better

I have that Tuesday feeling. Mainly because I couldn’t get to sleep for ages and then, when I finally did, Harry had a bad dream and got in bed with me. And then he couldn’t get to sleep (“I really can’t get to sleep!” “I think maybe the problem is I’m cold.” “I’m too hot and sweaty!” “I just can’t sleep!” “What are we going to do, Middy?!”) So I’m taking today very gently and trying to talk the boys into being gentle too (Me: “Can we watch The Muppets?” Harry: “No!” Me: “Despicable Me?” Harry & Joe: “NO!”)

But then I saw this New York video on Swissmiss and ohhhhh…

The future is here

I’ve just signed one of my books on Kindle. No, really.

A while ago, I signed up with Kindlegraph. I spent way too long trying to get my signature just right with a mouse and then forgot all about it.

Yesterday, I had my first request! I tried the mouse thing again, but then remembered the iPad and actually managed a marginally better signature with my finger (you can only imagine how long I spent trying – if I buy one of those iPad pen thingies, that might be better).


(I don’t usually put a kiss over the i in my name, but since I couldn’t dot it with the iPad – and I usually put a kiss after my name – I thought I’d kill two birds.)

My first book signing

I’ve been really rubbish at setting up book signings. When Della came out – 18 months ago! – I went to lots of bookshops and introduced myself and often they mentioned doing a signing and took my number, but they never called and I never bothered to follow it up.

Partly I think it was the fear of being the desperate-looking author alone at the table, customers trying not to catch my eye, and partly it was pure laziness. But then Holly at Waterstone’s Arndale contacted me and not only was she really nice and enthusiastic about me coming in, she also pinned me down to a time. So last Saturday, Harry and I got the train into Manchester for My First Signing.

From the first time I mentioned it, Harry had said he wanted to come with me, but after about fifteen minutes he said, “I thought there was going to be a crowd and you’d be signing autographs…” Ah. Harry thought I was Jacqueline Wilson. He still enjoyed himself – I think (he did quite a lot of shopping!) – but he now realises I’m not as famous as he thought. Nowhere near.

After the signing, David and Joe joined us – Joe said, “Middy book!” when they saw me in Waterstone’s – and we went to Las Iguanas for dinner (Harry’s wanted to go there since we did his Brazil project and I told him there’s a mural of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue on the wall).

Then we staggered through the Christmas shoppers and drove back home. I didn’t sell very many books (although a couple of the lovely friends who came to see me bought some!), but I really enjoyed the experience.

Book News (or why I’m off to LA…)

I’ve been hinting about this here and there (mainly there) for a while now, but I’ve been given the nod to announce it, so…

I’m going to have a new book out with Orchard next year (it’s actually already on Amazon – no pressure!).

It’s set in LA, hence the research trip I’m heading off on tomorrow, and features Emma, Jessie’s best friend from Jessie Hearts NYC.

I’m really excited about it, but first… California, here I come!

Happened so fast…

So yesterday I’d arranged to meet my friend Zoe in Manchester, but I got there early because I wanted to do some work on the new book. So after I’d pootled here and there, procrastinating, I went to Waterstone’s to procrastinate some more knuckle down and look what I found:

Actually that’s not entirely true. I actually found Della in the US Imports section (!) and then moved her to her correct position (after I’d moved the Jenny Valentine book, inexplicably shelved between ‘Stainton’ and ‘Steinbeck’). But then I realised I’d never actually seen my two books in a book shop, side by side, face out and so I did a bit more rearranging (don’t worry, I put it all back once I’d taken the photo) (apart from the Jenny Valentine book).

It was a funny feeling seeing them both there. I found myself thinking “Two books! TWO BOOKS!” because even though I know I’ve had two books published (I’m not a complete idiot) (even though I just typed ‘I’m not a completely idiot’) I hadn’t really stopped to think about it.

Because – and Zoe and I ended up talking about this later – it all seemed to happen so fast and every step of the way I’ve been focussed on the next thing, rather than stopping to think about where I am right now.

But then when I got home, I said, “Look! Something exciting!” and showed David and Harry the photo. David said, “Great. Where was that?” Harry said, “Yeah. Two books. I KNOW!”

The other fab thing in that branch of Waterstone’s was this (click to embiggen):

There’s my book and there’s lovely Tom Clempson‘s book! Jessie and Jack, sitting in a tree dumpbin, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. (Probably.)

(And I LITERALLY only just noticed that my book is next to Candace Bushnell’s two Sex and the City YA books. Wow.)