New York always makes things better

I have that Tuesday feeling. Mainly because I couldn’t get to sleep for ages and then, when I finally did, Harry had a bad dream and got in bed with me. And then he couldn’t get to sleep (“I really can’t get to sleep!” “I think maybe the problem is I’m cold.” “I’m too hot and sweaty!” “I just can’t sleep!” “What are we going to do, Middy?!”) So I’m taking today very gently and trying to talk the boys into being gentle too (Me: “Can we watch The Muppets?” Harry: “No!” Me: “Despicable Me?” Harry & Joe: “NO!”)

But then I saw this New York video on Swissmiss and ohhhhh…

Win a trip to New York

 Did that get your attention? Sorry, have been meaning to mention it for ages and kept forgetting. I’ve also added a link at the top of the page and next to that you’ll see another link to the shiny new Jessie Hearts NYC page I’ve been slaving over. I’m doing a Della Says: OMG! one too, but that one isn’t quite ready yet. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see. I’m going to be adding some book background and extras when I get a chance, but in the meantime I’m just trying to get up to date before school hols start… tomorrow. Creeps up on me every year.

I ♥ Bryant Park

The thing I completely forgot to mention in my last post was that Jessie ♥ NYC has sneaked (snuck?) out early. It’s in stock on Amazon and at The Book Depository and so I can only assume it will soon be appearing in all good book shops… and some supermarkets!

Anyway – how amazing is the photo above? It’s of Bryant Park (click for even more amazing version of above photo) all decked out ready for the Summer Film Festival… which is featured in Jessie!

Bryant Park was already fairly busy by the time Jessie and Emma arrived. People had laid out picnic blankets or set out folding chairs. Some people had umbrellas up, to shelter them from the sun. The whole place was buzzing. 

Jessie and Emma found a spot as close to the middle as the could. They wanted to be able to see the screen, but also soak up the atmosphere. 

“This already feels like a proper New York experience,” Emma said, as they arranged their shopping bags at their feet where they could see them. 

“The whole day’s been a proper New York experience,” Jessie said. 

Once they’d left the Zoo, they’d walked down Fifth Avenue and spent the afternoon in and out of all of the iconic shops they’d been aware of for years. They’d tried on shoes in Saks and make-up in Macy’s. Jessie had even remembered to buy Natalie’s eyebrow pencil from MAC. 

She’d also rung her mum to see if she wanted to join them for the film, but Natalie had said she was going out for dinner with a friend. She had, however, ordered a picnic for them and they just had to collect it from a kiosk in the park. 

“I’ll go and get the picnic,” Emma said. “Before it gets too busy.” 

Emma left and Jessie leaned back on her hands and looked around. She couldn’t quite believe she was really there. In New York. At an outdoor movie. 

The park was surrounded by skyscrapers. Directly in front of her was an enormous modern glass building reflecting the older buildings on the opposite side of the park – she got out her phone and took a photo. She could see the Empire State Building too. It made her miss her dad. 

Jessie ♥ the Empire State Building

“When it was built,” Jessie said, as they waited for the traffic to slow, “it had a pole on top that was supposed to be for tying hot air balloons to.”

Emma looked confused.

“No. Not hot air balloons. Those things like blimps? But that you could travel in?”

“A zeppelin? Like the Hindenberg?” Emma said. They’d learned about the Hindenberg at school. Their history teacher, Mr Baldwin, had been a bit obsessed by it.

“Yes!” Jessie said. “Dad’s got a paperweight of the building with a blimp attached. I think mum bought it for him.”