Friday favourites

article_ccbbf53440fc2fac_1355230425_9j-4aaqskCatching up on old saved items again. I’ve had this in my Twitter favourites for over a year (via @JillMansell). I don’t think I’ve watched a single flashmob that hasn’t made me cry.

I am gutted that I missed the giant rubber duck floating down the Thames. Gutted.

A few of my favourite children’s authors are doing advent pictures on their blogs. Clara Vulliamy‘s is fabulous as is Alex T Smith’s. Cheering.

I’m loving this series on fathers in popular culture, written by my friend Diane Shipley. She always makes me think. Plus, one of the posts is about Blossom. Ace.

Friday favourites

A few things that have made me happy this week:

This video about not putting off your life.

What the internet was invented for: Instant Cosby (via Diane)

I’m not religious, but Anne Lamott’s “three essential prayers” make perfect sense to me.

Marcus Chown is one of my favourite tweeters and this post – 10 things I’ve learned from science books – is fantastic. I think No.4 is my fave.

An excellent explanation of why I love Parks & Recreation so bloody much (via Diane again!)

I bought this Seattle poster to go with the Coastal California one I bought a couple of months ago. I also want the New York in Autumn one. And San Francisco. And Chicago. Just for starters.

Friday favourites

This video about author and illustrator Peter H Reynolds is short, but inspiring. I love his artwork and I’ve finally ordered one of his books. (This one, if you’re interested.)

I’ve been trying to write a blog post about pinkification and boys and now I don’t have to because this one is bloody brilliant (via @mssusieday)

This is wonderful. The Secret Bookstore.

Friday favourites

You’ll all have read this Ashley Judd piece for The Daily Beast already, I’m sure, but I finally got around to it and it’s just as wonderful as I’d heard. Particularly this:

Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, inter alia, the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women. It is subtle, insidious, and never more dangerous than when women passionately deny that they themselves are engaging in it.

Don’t read the comments, though; they’re even stupider than usual.

This video of Alex Rawlings speaking eight different languages is oddly thrilling. I could watch it over and over. (via @katheastman)

Advert for a Norwegian bank. Starring George Clooney. Tagline: “Some people are lucky in life. For the rest of us, saving up a bit can be smart.” (via @sarramanning)

Friday favourites

I would have loved to have seen this “river” of books in Melbourne (via @EMTeenFiction)

Love this, particularly “Cookiecopia”: Sesame Street does The Hunger Games, Dr Who, The Newsroom and more… (via @tweeter_anita)

Retronaut is an amazing site and I keep saying I’m going to take a week off just to explore it. These photos of the construction of the Empire State Building are fantastic.

And this seems like it should be from Retronaut, but it’s actually the Los Angeles Times: The Academy Awards through the years (via @jillmansell ages ago)

The most sensible thing I’ve read about The Casual Vacancy (and writing for children in general): Y’know, for kids (via @Melissa_Maria)

Friday favourites

Happiest thing I’ve seen all week – The man who turned his home into a public library.

I discovered Kate Fridkis because she writes (brilliantly) about unschooling, but when I ran out of unschooling posts to read (sob!) I started reading, you know, everything else she’s ever written. I love this post – 11 Better Beauty Rules – SO MUCH.

You’ve probably already seen this, but it’s just SO GREAT. Go to Google. Type in ‘bacon number’ and then the name of an actor. Any actor. It’s what the internet was invented for, no?

Love this crazy first draft idea from author Emma Darwin.

I’ve had this Luv and Hat post saved for AGES, but I finally read it and it’s hilarious (particularly if you work from home).

This is ace: Birth of a book

What’s been making you happy this week?

Friday favourites: the es ee ex edition

First, a warning. These links all lead to rudeness (reading about it, not doing it) (as far as I know). Do not click if you are smut-averse or underage. Please don’t click them and then complain to me after. Okay? Thank you. 

Did you ever read Sex Tips for Girls? I think I read If You Can’t Live Without Me, Why Aren’t You Dead Yet? first (still love that title) and then all Cynthia Heimel’s other books. This would be about 1990 though, I’d say. I really should read them again. (I only mention it now since I wanted to use the cover to illustrate this post.)

Anyway, earlier this week my name was mentioned in two articles – published on the same day – about, you know… This one by my friend Diane on xoJane and this one by the author Lucy-Anne Holmes on her wonderful new (but, may I say again, ADULT) blog. *blush*

You’ve heard of the new book phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey, right? (I know it’s a phenomenon because one of the mums at school came up and asked me if I’d heard of it.) Well, if you’re not sure whether you should read it, Book Beast has picked out the muckiest bits so you don’t have to. And Ellen tried to read it, but… “If you go to Anastasia’s house, don’t eat the pancakes.” (via @dianeshipley)

And while I’m on this subject, here’s something I wrote (or rather collected) for Scarlet magazine about the first time you get a funny feeling, you know, down there: Do You Remember the First Time?