Throwback Thursday: Parents on wheels

Scanned Image 1

When my parents were young, Dad had a motor scooter (he went to Newquay on it once, I think, which must’ve taken a while). Mum used to ride on the back of it. Once, after a row, Mum sang ‘I’m sorry’ by Connie Francis into his ear.

After me and my sister were born, Mum and Dad would sometimes go on holiday without us and always hired a scooter.

[After scanning the above photo, I spent half an hour trying to find a pic of them on the scooter when they were young. I know I have one, but I can’t bloody find it. So annoying.]

Throwback Thursday: See the Child

Me, all fancy.

I am posting a picture of myself as a child* in support of the 1.5 million children neglected in the UK. Politicians say there are ‘no votes in vulnerable children’ but sign this @KidsCompany petition to demand change. Together we can See the Child. Change the System. #SEETHECHILD or Text I SEE to 63000 (Standard network rates apply – no donation taken).

* Yes, another one. Sorry.