Friday favourites

Happiest thing I’ve seen all week – The man who turned his home into a public library.

I discovered Kate Fridkis because she writes (brilliantly) about unschooling, but when I ran out of unschooling posts to read (sob!) I started reading, you know, everything else she’s ever written. I love this post – 11 Better Beauty Rules – SO MUCH.

You’ve probably already seen this, but it’s just SO GREAT. Go to Google. Type in ‘bacon number’ and then the name of an actor. Any actor. It’s what the internet was invented for, no?

Love this crazy first draft idea from author Emma Darwin.

I’ve had this Luv and Hat post saved for AGES, but I finally read it and it’s hilarious (particularly if you work from home).

This is ace: Birth of a book

What’s been making you happy this week?