The Terrible Titles Tag featuring Counting Stars (a not-terrible title!)

I’ve been tagged on tumblr to do this by the wonderful Sara Barnard (read all about her forthcoming book here).

The rules of this game are as follows: “Scroll through your manuscript and stop at a random place in the text. Whatever you land on becomes one of ten terrible titles.”

I scrolled and read the half page I landed on and picked out any phrase that looked like a title (or made me laugh). I actually think this gives a pretty good overview of the book (Counting Stars, out later this year) and may also possibly be the next ten books I write 😉

1. Even Smelled Exciting

2. Another Flight of Stairs

3. Madly in Love With Liverpool

4. No Wonder She Was Hungry

5. The Vomit Building

6. Boy Band Dork

7. No Joy Today

8. Touch That For Luck

9. Hot Dogs and Chips

10. Lady Wood

I’m not going to tag anyone, but obviously you should do it if you fancy it (and let me know if you do!).