Feminism Friday: Feminist YA authors

So one of (many) things I love about Twitter is how many feminists I’ve got to know. And another of the (many) things I love about Twitter is how many YA authors I’ve got to know. And possibly the best thing is how many of the YA authors are also feminists.

I’ve had some really fantastic, inspiring discussions with feminist YA authors on Twitter. And one day, when I was smiling fondly at my computer and muttering to myself about what a relief it is when other people just get it, I decided to ask the YA writing feminists to identify themselves for a blog post. And they did.

(Obviously this isn’t a comprehensive list – it’s literally authors who saw my tweet and replied.) (And if you’re a feminist YA author and would like to be on the list, let me know and I’ll add you.)

Kit Berry @Kit_Berry

Holly Bourne @Holly_BourneYA

Stephanie Burgis @StephanieBurgis

Tanya Byrne @TanyaByrne

Anna Carey @urchinette

Anne Cassidy @annecassidy6

Joyce Chng @jolantru

Cat Clarke @cat_clarke

Alison Croggon @alisoncroggon

Susie Day @mssusieday

CJ Daugherty @CJ_Daugherty

James Dawson @_jamesdawson

Katherine Farmar @sorrowlessfield

Helen Grant @helengrantsays

C J Harper / Candy Harper @cjharperauthor

Claire Hennessy @ClaireHennessy

Imogen Howson @imogenhowson

Victoria Lamb @victorialamb1

RF Long @RFLong

Rose Mannering @Rose_Mannering

Sarra Manning @sarramanning

Zoe Marriott @ZMarriott

Gary Meehan @garypmeehan

Dawn Metcalf @dawnmetcalf

Katy Moran @KatyjaMoran

Sally Nicholls @Sally_Nicholls

Luisa Plaja @LuisaPlaja

Sue Ransom @SCRansom

Mel Rogerson @mcrogerson

Rainbow Rowell @RainbowRowell

Holly Smale @HolSmale

Ruth Warburton @RuthWarburton

Lotte Worth @LotteWorth

As yet unpublished:

Anne Booth @Bridgeanne

Joanna Delooze @josiejo127

Louise Jones @LouiseJones_x

KM Lockwood @lockwoodwrites

Lucy Marcovitch @Lucym808

Lesley Taylor @Pageturners_LT