September 2006: Happy Anniversary… now piss off*

My husband is lovely. No, really, he is.

For our wedding anniversary he made me an iPod playlist (the modern equivalent of a mix-tape) – we’d agreed not to buy each other anything, and I thought it was a lovely idea. Until I listened to it.

Goodbye Girl by Squeeze
Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp
I Love You, Goodbye by Thomas Dolby
I Can’t Take It by Cheap Trick
and Kyle’s Mom Is A Bitch from South Park (as D reminded me in the comments!)

I had a moment of ‘well, that’s a great way to break it to me!’ but almost immediately realised that he wouldn’t even have noticed (either that or he’s sublimating his unhappiness into iPod playlists ..). When I told him he was (very) briefly mortified and then thoroughly amused.

But this one was perhaps a step too far – from Todd Rundgren’s Tiny Demons:

One of them plays a piccolo in my ear
Another one makes me smell things that aren’t there
And they know where to hide
And they know everything that’s inside
Of my head
Tiny demons, inside me

Then again, that may explain the whole thing …

* It is/was in February – I’ve been meaning to blog about this since then …